Anna Catherine Reiss, Anthem College South in St. Louis, Missouri

No so long ago, Anna Catherine Reiss used to say, "I can’t do that!"

Today, Anna says "I can do it!" The difference, she says "is Anthem!"

Anna recently completed her Pharmacy Technician Diploma at Anthem College South (Fenton/St. Louis, MO). She is now employed—as a pharmacy technician—by Schnucks’ Pharmacy in St. Louis (Concord Village), which hired her during her Externship.

Anna gives a lot of credit to Colleen Boyer, Admissions Representative, for her success. Colleen "made no false promises to me and she stood by my side whenever I needed her," Anna says. "She made me feel special…it’s been way too long since I have felt that way about myself, and I have to say it feels great!"

Everyone at Anthem College makes it a special place, Anna says. Even teachers from other classes knew her and spoke with her each day. "Everyone there gave me what I needed to succeed."

"I am proud to be a graduate of Anthem College," Anna says. "I truly appreciate everyone at Anthem.

My life has been forever changed in a positive way and I owe it all to Colleen and the staff at Anthem. I’ll never forget any of the people at Anthem and I hope that you won’t forget me."

It isn’t likely that Anna will be forgotten. For one thing, she isn’t finished with her education. "I will be coming back to obtain an Associate’s Degree," she recently emailed Suzanna Marshall Caby, Campus President. "My husband wants me to go back. He says I’m more confident, and I think he’s right!"

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