Ashley Fazel, Concorde Career College in Kansas City

I went to work for Concorde Career College in Kansas City not knowing very much about the school. I had spent a few years at a big university and didn’t know how I would adjust to such a small school. However, everyone at Concorde took me in and showed me that career colleges could compete with the “big dogs” with the quality of education and experience they provided.

After my daughter was born with a complex heart defect that required open heart surgery, I decided to return to school at Concorde to pursue a career in respiratory therapy. I wanted to help families coping with sick loved ones and show them that someone cared. Compassion is important in the healthcare field, and I knew I had the caring personality that would help me with my future career.

It wasn’t always easy to stick to my schoolwork with a sick baby at home, but I still graduated with a 4.0. During school, I led my program’s quiz bowl team to a 4th place finish at the state competition, where we beat out a larger university. I was a good student, but I know I wouldn’t have been able to do it if it wasn’t for my amazing instructors who believed in me and taught me the valuable information I needed to succeed. After graduation I moved to Massachusetts with my husband and daughter, where I found not one, but two jobs in Boston. Today I work in the intensive care unit, emergency room, pediatrics unit, and neonatal intensive care unit. I am able to hold my own, even consulting Harvard-educated doctors. I have had the opportunity to treat patients from infants to those in their 100s! No one ever said going back to school would be easy, but at Concorde Career College I received everything I needed to be an excellent respiratory therapist who could find a job anywhere in the country.

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