Crystal Williams, Miller-Motte in North Carolina

The decision to enroll in the Medical Assisting program at Miller-Motte College was easy. Graduating was climbing Mount Everest. I was extremely excited my first day of classes. Halfway through the program things began to get hectic. Thankfully, I had begun building relationships with my instructors.

With the stress of maintaining a family, a job and school, something had to give. I am a Type 1 Insulin Dependent Diabetic. I could no longer control my glucose levels and was suffering from the effects. My doctor suggested a medical device called an insulin pump, so I waited to be approved for the device. While waiting I became very ill.

At the beginning of 2010, I woke up with severe lower back and leg pain. My doctor referred me to a specialist. I started my final quarter of school unable to walk without the assistance of crutches. I had undergone every test from a simple x-ray to the most complex of MRIs. These tests produced no answers. My severe pain was thought to be caused by a herniated disc, sciatica or an aggravated nerve.

I was determined to complete my externship. I completed most of my hours at a family practice. I came home in so much pain that I was in tears. I had to take a break before starting another site. The rest of my externship would be completed at a chiropractic center. I began speaking with the physician about my condition. I finished my externship and returned as a patient. Within a few treatments I found relief. I was offered a permanent position at the chiropractic center. After graduating, I was offered the Teacher’s Assistant position at Miller-Motte.

I am honored to call myself a graduate of Miller-Motte College. I set a goal for myself and, out of sheer will, met and surpassed it.

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