David Simmons, National College in Salem Virginia

I decided to go to college because I knew I wanted to move up in my company. I have worked for Varney, Inc. in several roles since 1995 and since then I have invested a lot of hard work and dedication to my employer. In return, they have been a great company to work for. I realized that with my desire to continue moving forward, a college education was necessary.

In 2007, I was promoted from a lead electrician to field manager. In my new role, I was seriously lacking some computer skills. I enrolled in the business administration-management associate degree program at National College in Salem, Virginia. Instantly I knew I had made the right decision. I took an Excel course in my second term and started applying my new skills right away in quoting new projects. I gained valuable and practical knowledge with each course since then, especially in my Human Resources classes. I have also found my accounting courses to be very useful. While they have challenged me most, it is has been extremely helpful to understand the role of the CFO at Varney and how we can work together more effectively in our respective departments.

While working a full-time and rather demanding job (up to 55 hours a week), raising a family with two young boys, and staying involved as a board member with my church, I finished the requirements for my associate degree in February 2010. Even though it was difficult to spread my time so thin, I had such a positive experience at National College that I decided to enroll in the bachelor’s degree program.

I know that while I have had to make some sacrifices, like missing my son’s baseball games, a bachelor’s degree will only help me get closer to reaching my goal of being an executive with Varney sooner than later.

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