Donna Hay, Daymar Institute in Kentucky

I decided to go to college because I really wanted a career that I enjoyed instead of just a "job". I also wanted to set a good example for my daughters, Madison (9) and Shelby (3). I wanted them to be proud of me. I chose Daymar Institute because of the campus location, smaller class sizes, and flexible schedules. I was nervous about starting college, but once I began, I knew that I had made the right decision. The faculty and staff were always available, friendly, and helpful. I felt comfortable with all of my teachers. They were all very positive people who made me feel as if I could accomplish my goals and succeed.

My classes at Daymar were exactly what I needed. The curriculum was always fully explained and the work load was tolerable. I did the best in my classes that I had ever done in any of my classes back in high school. The classes were the perfect size and I was not lost in the crowd. I made several good friends in my classes. Most importantly, my classes prepared me for the Registration Exam to become a RMA (Registered Medical Assistant) and I passed it with no problem.

I did my internship at Middle Tennessee Medical Center (MTMC) in the Radiation Therapy department. I got to work alongside a great team of people who allowed me to demonstrate and exercise all the skills I had learned in my Medical Assisting classes.

I graduated in March of 2010 with a Medical Assisting Degree, fully prepared to work in the field. Two months later, with the help of career services, I got a job at Murfreesboro Medical Center as a Medical Assistant. I love my career! I couldn’t be happier.

Daymar Institute changed my whole life. I feel good about myself now. Sometimes I stop and think to myself: "You did it, you actually did it." I feel proud of myself and I know that I have set a higher standard for my girls. Choosing to go to Daymar Institute was one of the best things that I have done for my future.

I would like to thank the staff at Daymar for always believing in me and the rest of their students.

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