Edith Baltodano, UEI,

My name is Edith Baltodano and I attended the MBIC program here at UEI College with Ms Raella Ballinger. I was recently going through a lot of changes and was looking to make a difference in my life and my children’s future. The only way that I saw this happening for me was to take that next step, in my case it was inquiring about school, receiving a call from Christina Barajas and coming in for my initial evaluation. At the beginning I was a little skeptical in seeing how everything was moving so fast and wondering how was I going to even accomplish coming to school five days a week. The only thing that I can say is that once I was here, I forgot about everything else around me, don’t get me wrong it had been fourteen years since I had been in school and had forgotten how much work it was, but once I got into it and applied myself I knew what I had done was the right thing.

I do have to say though that not all of us can do it alone, but some can. For me I had help along the way and support, not only from my best friend Stacey, but from Ms. Ballinger my instructor, Christina my representative, Jenny financial aid, Melissa my coordinator and of course Karla director of career services. Each and everyone one of you knows that in one way or another you had to either lift me, guide me, or just say, “you can do it!!” So thank you to everyone!!

Oh yeah and by the way I almost forgot I did get hired by my extern site and not only did I get the job but within the first month I received a two-dollar raise……… Yeah!!

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