Emily Sullivan, Cortiva Insitute in Boston, Massachusetts

I was sitting in the teacher’s room of a private English school in Barcelona when I started to fill out the Cortiva Institute – Boston application. Teaching ESL had allowed me to live in several different countries but I was ready for a career change that would lead to some stability.

When I mentioned massage school to my friends and family, I was met with questions like, "What does massage therapy have to do with your BA? " Luckily, I was able to justify my decision with confidence after the initial visit to Cortiva. What stood out for me from that day on was the emphasis on preparedness and job placement. Every exercise in goal setting, resume writing, and creating business plans reassured me that a fulfilling career was within reach.

This was striking because it was such a different focus from my undergraduate degree. Though I graduated with the highest GPA in my department, I felt unprepared to put what I had learned to good use in the marketplace. In sharp contrast was the collective eagerness to graduate from Cortiva. Not only was I interviewing before the end of classes, but I was offered a position before I received my diploma. I am now ten months out of school and have just opened my own practice!

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