Jade McMullen, Empire Beauty School in Pennsylvania

Right after high school I went to college to study Physical Therapy.  My parents were convinced I needed a 4 -year degree to be successful in life.  After a year of barely making it to classes and dreading every school day, I decided I wanted to go in a different direction.

I loved the artistry and flexibility cosmetology had to offer.  I researched several schools, but decided on Empire Beauty School, based on their strong connections within the industry.
Within two weeks of my first day, my parents noticed a complete change in my outlook.  I never missed a class at Empire, and was even nominated for Student of the Year!

I had a job as a stylist at a salon as soon as I got my license, and even went back to school to get my teaching license. It wasn’t long after that I bought an old, foreclosed building, renovated it, and opened my own salon.

Now, just three years after graduating, I have a full client schedule, and am making a great living doing what I love! Many of my friends who have recently graduated with a 4-year degree are still searching for work while I own my own business and make my own hours. 

Before enrolling at Empire, I had no idea how many great opportunities there are in this field! My only regret is not starting sooner!
I am proud to be an Empire Graduate!

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