Jean Raymond Bonneau, Hohokus School in New Jersey

Hohokus gave me a lot and I’m thankful. I live in south jersey and I’m a vascular ultrasound manager for the University of Pennsylvania Health System (UPENN). So I’ve been busy with my career.

I quickly saw my training at Hohokus was far superior to that of the other externs at my externship. Other programs teach their students a lot less at twice the price. That’s why I think it’s an awesome place to be and it says something about the faculty. They helped me even when they didn’t have to. My instructors at Hohokus didn’t stop doing their job just because I graduated. I can’t say enough about it! After the echo externship, I was hired with the lowest pay I’ve heard of a tech earning…$14/hr. I took it because I needed the experience more than money. But it moved up to $16…then $18…then $20 in 2 years! They increased my pay to $45/hr because there is only a handful of techs who are dual registered Anyway, from $14/hr to $45hr is a pretty good change. It’s been six years.

Now, I own two homes, my wife is a stay at home mom (that’s rare nowadays) my boys have an in-ground pool, playground and swing set, and patients thank me everyday for what I do for them. Not bad…not bad at all!


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