Jennifer See, Herzing Online

I wanted to share my story, in hopes that somebody may change their minds and go back to school. I am a single parent of two kids, who always seemed to need something. I love my job, but it doesn’t pay much. I decided to go back to school after talking to somebody at Herzing. I thought I would like to go back and get some training, but how can I manage it? I need to work to take care of the kids. I can’t work part-time, because we would never make it. Then, the idea of online crossed my mind. This would be a way for me to go back to school and still work. It’s wonderful, and I am glad for the experience.

I will be graduating around April of 2010 and it’s hard to believe I’ve been going to college for almost a year. It really is a lifesaver, and I am grateful for the online classes. It is hard to get time to get everything done, but somehow I always seem to manage. You do have to make yourself do the work, but everybody at Herzing has been helpful and very informative. I hope that when I graduate, I can find a good job to help better the lives of my children. It is also very challenging and interesting.

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