Josie Thompson, Pinnacle Career Institute

I came here a mere shell of a person, I had little direction of what to do with my new-found life and a tiny spark of a dream for the future. I was very torn on what to do and where to start. You see, just shy of a year before I enrolled in school, I walked out of a 10-year abusive marriage. It was the hardest decision of my life; I had been put down for so long I no longer knew who I really was. I was a lost soul looking for something not knowing what it was or where to find it. With support from very close and dear friends and family I gathered together enough strength to start crawling to a new beginning.

The first month of school I was still very unsure of what I was doing. I had found a passion for helping people and I was started on the path to be able to with massage therapy but I was still unsure if I had made the right decision. I was reminded day after day that I had. When I walked out of my marriage I had nothing. No money, no home, no future. I was lied to and betrayed by friends I thought were true friends. But through that I found people and resources I never knew existed. I continued to move forward, blindly and scared to death. You see what I’ve gained here over the past 9 months is more than I ever imagined. My tiny spark of a dream has turned into a blazing fire of passion and persistence. I’ve learned the true meaning of perseverance and hope.

The teachers and staff here have touched my heart in such a way I could never repay them even if I tried. They opened my eyes to possibilities and taught me how to talk to myself in a positive way. My shell has been filled, my cup runs over with joy, I have new chapters itching to be written in my story that I thought had long been over. When I dream now, I can see myself aspiring, touching lives, helping others – something I thought I could never do. I’ve heard many quotes about overcoming obstacles and they are often associated with mountains. The pinnacle is the sought-out point, the top, the summit, where you can find rest and look out over the valley you just overcame and say YES! I did that, I survived. I have survived, I’ve overcome, I now look forwards instead of backwards and see light up ahead. God can move mountains for you but you still have to take the journey and what a journey I’ve been on. I pray that my journey will be seen and I can leave big enough footprints behind for others to follow and find the same hope I have.

Thank you for this school and for the amazing staff that cares so much for all the students that pass through the doors every morning. I will miss each and every one of them, my prayer is that one day they will look on me and be proud of what I have accomplished. My walls now have doors, windows, escape hatches and nooks – my possibilities are endless!

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