Josue Marbach, Automotive Training Center in Exton Pennslvania

It all started when I was 16. My cousin asked me to help him on the brakes of his Audi. Ever since that day, I fell in love with cars. I had an opportunity to go to vo-tech while I was in Rahway High School located in New Jersey. So then I took vo-tech at Rahway High School both my junior & senior year, and studied Automotive Technology. I loved it. During my last few months of my senior year I got a job at STS Tire and Auto down the street from my house. I worked part-time after school, but once I graduated high school, they wanted me to work full time. I loved working on cars, at the time they only had me doing tires and oil changes. But, I did more as time progressed. I started looking at cars better, recommending air filters, engine flushes, tires, alignments, etc. My employer noticed this, and wanted me to work more hours. I worked from open to close Monday through Saturday for several months. Until one day it hit me…that I didn’t want to just do little jobs, I wanted to do a lot more. So I looked into schools in my area, and found out that they weren’t the best. Then, I found Automotive Training Center in Exton, PA. I made a few phone calls, and contacted STS in Malvern PA, minutes away from Automotive Training Center. I spoke to my parents, and my employer, and I told them that I wanted to start school in Pennsylvania. So my employer and I, set up a transfer to the STS in PA. I went out there and started working, trying to get myself stable before I started school. One day as I was going on a test drive and I saw Tires Plus up the road. I was curious and I wanted to stop in and see if I could talk to the employer there, and get some information about the company. When I spoke to the employer, I could tell he liked me right away, he asked me a bunch of questions, and wanted me to fill out an application. So I did, and he interviewed me on the spot. I told him I like STS and all but they don’t give me work that I want to do. He then gave me a job offer, with the potential to learn and do more. I took the job. It was 1 year until I became financially stable, and decided to go to school.

My employer was 100% supportive about the decision I have made about going to school. He allowed me to keep my job, and still have full time hours. I then began school at Automotive Training Center while working for Tires Plus. My schedule kept me busy, and also kept money flowing in. I worked every day after school until close, and worked almost all day on the weekends. That gave me 38+ hours a week. Once I got my inspection and emissions license from school, I made a lot more money than I did when I didn’t have the license, because I was hourly and commission. I graduated in June 2010 and continued to work at Tires Plus. I worked a schedule I wasn’t really happy with. I was still the closer and had to work on the weekends, and Sundays I worked alone. I wanted to come in early, and leave at an earlier time. But my boss never made that happen.

I was told about a job position at Land Rover Main Line, and I immediately contacted the employer. I wanted to come in face-to-face to the guy who did the hiring. I filled out my application, and he interviewed me on the spot. He told me to come back another day to meet the GM of the company, and so I did. He then offered me a position as a tech. I thought about it, and took the offer. I gave proper notice to Tires Plus, and came aboard Land Rover. Now, I have a job I love, and I am learning new stuff every day. They are soon going to send me off to Land Rover and Jaguar school. They told me they would like to cross train me into knowing both Land Rover and Jaguar. I love my new job. I now work better hours, so that I can enjoy my life and spend time with my family. I plan to stay with the company and become very knowledgeable about their products. Thanks to Automotive Training Center and their staff, otherwise I would have probably never gotten this incredible opportunity.

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