Kade Bianconi-Perez, Fortis College in Jacksonville, Florida

Well hello, my name is ‘Kade’ Bianconi-Perez, and I am 20 years old. Growing up, as a native of Jacksonville, Fla., I always thought that high school would be the end of education, sports and childhood; adulthood would then begin. Paying bills and having "grown up" responsibilities would set in and my life would start to change. Well, most of that was true; except for the end of education as I knew it.

I can honestly say I do not regret spending the time to receive the knowledge I have gained at Fortis Institute. Starting college was almost like a joke to my family; very few thought I would even finish. As I began to incorporate college into my daily routine, it seemed as if I had a lot less hours in the day. When I began to grow as a barber, my extroverted personality began to expand and open the possibility of having friendships with other students as well as teachers. I was excited to come to school, to learn new facts about my trade and see friends that made my day a little brighter.

The staff, management and teachers were all open. Listening to anything I had to say and genuinely wanting to help if I needed it. Now, as a graduate and licensed Barber Stylist I will begin a life of options. I now have the opportunity to make the amount of money I desire and will keep the friends I made in school as a reminder of a beginning. Now a new beginning has started for me, Thank You Fortis Institute, management, teachers and other students.


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