Matthew Adams, McCann School of Business in Pennsylvania

My journey to McCann was not a typical one. It started off with me getting laid off from a six year position in a lingerie factory to me graduating with a 4.0 grade point average. Everything in between was just icing on the cake thanks to McCann’s staff and faculty.

After getting laid off from Lady Ester Lingerie, I discovered I was eligible for TAA (Trade Adjustment Act) which is a federal program designed to get a dislocated worker, like myself, back into the workforce. After sending out my resume and going on several interviews, I discovered I wasn’t skilled or educated enough to get a good entry-level position. So, I decided I needed to look at schools and McCann (who a friend of mine already referred me too) was my first and last stop. I came in for my initial admissions interview with Mike Mazalusky who went on to explain everything I needed to know about the school and programs. Needless to say, I was sold after lifetime job placement assistance.

I can’t even describe how nervous I was that first term, but after getting to know the staff, faculty and fellow students that quickly subsided. The teachers were so friendly and helpful that it felt as if I was learning from a close friend or relative. It was apparent they wanted me to succeed, which in my whole educational experience I have never felt before, and it was a blessing and relief. Going through the next four terms was definitely a challenge but having everyone behind you, rooting you on, was fuel for me to reach my goal of graduation.

I am now re-enrolled for my Associates Degree in Business Administration, which will enable me to further my career. Not only am I left with more friends as a result of my graduating from McCann, but I am left with a sense of pride and the ability to walk into any interview and proudly say “I am a McCann graduate”.

Now I have a great Job as Assistant Director of Admissions for the place that helped me achieve what I never thought was possible, and I have the chance to give back what McCann gave me, a better future, and a better life.

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