Melissa Moon, Gwinnett in Lilburn, Georgia

Before I started attending classes at Gwinnett College of Business in October of 2007, a typical day for me would be to get up at 5 a.m. and go to my job in the insurance industry that I had had for nine years. I would work hard all day, have a long commute home, and then relax. One day I realized I was bored in my job. I wasn’t being challenged. I read an article on Yahoo! about a growing demand for paralegals. I thought to myself, that would be an interesting job!

I researched the job and schools in my area that offered a degree in the paralegal field. Gwinnett College of Business jumped out at me. Before I knew it I was enrolled and taking classes. Exercising my mind and learning new things took the place of lazy habits. After my first quarter it felt amazing that I was challenging myself, and advancing my career opportunities.

My confidence has soared in the past three years I truly feel educated and smart and it is a wonderful feeling. Here it is three years later and I will be graduating in December 2010. What a sense of accomplishment I feel like things are falling into place and a new opportunity is awaiting me and it feels great!

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