Mike Morrow at Ohio Business College

I used to work in manufacturing. I got paid well for hard manual labor. Then it happened, I got laid off. I tried to find another manufacturing job, but I soon realized nobody was hiring. I couldn’t even get a job in food service. When I got laid off I had to reevaluate where my life was going. I didn’t want to break my back anymore. I wanted to have a career.

My interest was in computers. I had some technical background before college. I applied for computer related jobs in the past with no success. I had the skills they needed, but with no degree, they never gave me a second thought. I never even got an interview. I talked to my wife and we decided it would be best for me to go back to school. Ohio Business College was local so I stopped by for more information. I looked over the information and decided this was the school for me. It was computer related, the tuition was reasonable and it was local.

In today’s economy you have to have a degree to even have a chance at getting an interview. If you do get an interview, you need something to set you apart from the rest. That’s where OBC comes in. The two most important things that OBC taught me were professionalism and confidence. They helped refine me to make me a professional. I FINALLY got an interview. I was able to use the skills I learned at OBC to get the job. It was my first interview and it was the only interview I needed. I owe it all to OBC.
I’ve recommended OBC to my family and friends because of the great experience I had there. I would recommend it to anyone. OBC will train you to be a professional, period. You will learn the intangibles that make you valuable to any company. When you get done with your program at OBC, you will be more refined, more professional, and more confident than ever. OBC will give you the tools you need to start the career you’ve always wanted.

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