Norma Carrier, Dawn Career Institute in Wilmington, Delaware

My name is Norma Carrier and this is my testimonial.

Because of so many changes within the banking industry, the company I worked for outsourced my department and relocated it to another state. I‘ve always had an interest in the medical billing and healthcare care industry, so I took this as my opportunity to change careers. I enrolled with DCI for the Medical Billing and Coding Program. All of the critical skills that were required of me by an employer were taught.

The preparedness and training I received had me well on my way. My experiences within the work force have been nothing but positive since I graduated from DCI in 2004. I am the Director of Billing and Collections for Delaware Back Pain and Sports Rehabilitation Centers.

As an employer and a former student, I have always turned to DCI for their assistance when the need for hiring came, because I know the quality of training and discipline the students received. This gave these students an edge. DCI keeps the students current with all of the materials and the ongoing changes with the ICD-9 and CPT Books. I have four graduates currently working in the billing department. Each of them attended DCI for different reasons.

One of the employees was a homemaker for some time and her children are now in college and high school. She had always expressed an interest in the healthcare industry, but did not have the time with small children. She has worked for me for four years now.

Two of the employees wanted career changes. One was in the retail business and has been working for me for three years now. The other was in the banking industry; she just completed her first year anniversary.

The last of the four was outsourced like me. The opportunity arose to go to school and enter a field she had expressed an interest in. She has just completed her fourth year as well.

I continue to look to DCI for their assistance for any future hiring. My billing department runs very smoothly and the employees have successfully mastered their positions with Delaware Back Pain and Sports Rehabilitation Centers.

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