Paige Planer-Fauteux, IntelliTec Medical in Colorado

My name is Paige Thompson I am a former graduate from the dental assisting program. I just want to say that I am glad that I chose to go to IntelliTec Medical School. I started the program last year, and at that time, I was pregnant. When the time came to have my daughter, Miss. Wood helped me get my leave of absence papers granted. After that she made sure that there was space open for me when I came back. When I was on my leave of absence, Miss. Wood would keep me informed of what was going on at school, and if I needed to come and pick something up she would have it ready for me.

The instructors for the program make sure that you understand what they are teaching; if you do not understand they will take the time out of their day to help. They also let you get a lot of hands on training. The teachers in my program were very helpful and they always understood when you come to them with a problem. When I was in my classes I liked the fact that we did not have any personal problems with each other. If there was a problem it would get fixed right away and not just be brushed off.
When it came time for my Externship, Miss Wood and Miss Laurie made sure that everyone was placed in time and made sure throughout our externship that we were happy and getting the most out of the opportunity.

If we expressed concerns, they would talk to the office manager. If that did not help then they would find us a new site as soon as they could. It would take no longer than a week for them to do it. Now that I have graduated, they are trying to help me get a job. Just recently a dentist needed a temp for the day and Miss Wood had offered me the opportunity to go there and work. It ended up being a fun experience for me.

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