Pedro Vargas, Stratford University in Virginia

First generation born in the United States, Pedro was exposed to the rich culture and delicious flavors of the Mexican people. Growing up in diverse places only added to Pedro’s excitement for new palatepleasing items. From Morocco to Japan, from Australia to Brazil, Pedro’s palate has been on the magic carpet ride around the world.

It was Pedro’s earliest jobs that established his deep seeded passion in the culinary world. Whether working front-of-house, back-of-house, or the register, it was here that he learned the delicate balance between speed, sanitation, and customer service.

One of Pedro’s jobs during college was with Jerry’s Famous Deli. With over 600 traditional deli and dining favorites on the menu, he held his own in helping the restaurant maintain its reputation as the quintessential delicatessen. He worked his way to becoming one of the most sought after servers in the restaurant chain.

When Pedro completed college at Notre Dame de Namur University, he began other adventures that took him through the corporate world. After years of honing his leadership capabilities, he founded the company Victor Blaise Developments. Though the company was showing signs of stability and growth, Pedro aspired to get back into the life which made him happiest; working with food. Pedro found the gumption to make the transition back into the culinary field. Currently attending Stratford University, Pedro is acing his classes. But Pedro has been heard saying, "I’m not here for the grades. I’m here to learn from some of the best chefs in the country. Good grades are just the by-product of hard work and discipline." He enjoys the anticipation of creating new dishes. Pedro looks to continue his iron work ethic as he sets out to carve a new chapter in his story.



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