Quiana Bradshaw, Colorado Technical University Online

As always, I am a determined person with a lot of aspirations. Being homeless and going through that rough patch in my life was a lesson that I have learned. The road wasn’t easy given the obstacles that I was faced with. A lot of times the shelters were full and I had to make due and find a spot to sleep in the open streets. Meanwhile, while all this was going on, I would study in the libraries and write my papers there.

The local women’s center allowed me to use their address for mail and delivery of my textbooks from CTU. They were fascinated about me going to college at CTU Online. They encouraged me to speak to the other homeless women and be an advocate. Attending CTU was the most awesome experience that I could ever encounter. Obtaining my degree from CTU helped open doors that were never opened before.

I have landed jobs with some great well respected companies and universities because of my education at CTU. My degrees helped me get a job at Florida Institute of Technology as a primary professor in the online department. It has also helped me get my job at Kaplan University as an instructor in public health, prior learning assessor, and I just found out that I will get promoted to course lead. CTU has also hired me as an instructor. I am currently a doctor of computer science student candidate at Colorado Technical University.

I am so glad to be given the opportunity to give back to CTU. CTU is my family and they have helped me so much because I can share my testimonial to my students. This whole experience attending CTU while battling adversity was a lesson learned. CTU has taught me that anything is possible if you work hard enough to get it, it makes the impossible possible.

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