Raymond Matlock, Rockford Business College in Rockford, Illinois

I am grateful to be a part of the group of career college graduates that have benefited immensely from the education that I received at a career college specifically, Rockford Career College in Rockford, IL.

Immediately following graduation from Rockford’s Jefferson Sr. High School, my hopes and dreams were shattered after losing a leg to cancer. I had a scholarship to play basketball for Henderson State University in Arkansas, but my life took a different direction.

Thankfully, my parents encouraged me to attend Rockford Business College (now Rockford Career College). I could not have made a better decision! The caring students, staff, faculty and administration aided me in obtaining a quality education that resulted in providing me with entry into a career that I never would have believed possible. They truly got my life back on track as it is to this day.

The AAS Degree in Business Administration prepared me for the position I have today: Chief Deputy Officer, Regional Federal Bankruptcy Court, Rockford, IL. Without their support and continued encouragement, I would not be where I am today. I owe everything to the College.

As a result of all that the College has given to me, I try to give back in return; I currently serve as an Advisory Board member to the College’s Business Administration Department and as a spokesperson for the College’s Career Advancement Training Foundation, a scholarship foundation aimed at raising funds for students who are in need of additional monies for tuition and books for attending the College.

I am extremely grateful for all that Rockford Career College did for me and hope in some way to repay the kindness that they extended me in my time of need.


Raymond Matlock

Rockford Business College Graduate

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