Robert Bellah, Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts in Austin, Texas

I attended Texas Tech University from 1985-1994, studying History and Psychology. I was also working full-time as an inventory manager for a grocery warehouse. A job opportunity opened up with a major publishing firm and I transitioned my inventory management skills to this position. In 2003, I was laid off from the publishing firm and on my final day, I looked out my office window and remembered that Texas Culinary Academy (now Le Cordon Bleu – Austin) was just across the parking lot. So, rather than go home, I went to the school, began my research and determined that this was where I was meant to be.

I was introduced to an admissions representative and was walked through all of the classes and expectations of attending the school. We then went through the financial aid package to determine if this was a possibility. She was friendly and helpful and was a great asset when I brought my wife to the school to help make the final decision.

I began school later that month and graduated in the spring of 2005. During my time at the school, the professionalism, courtesy, and skill level of the instructors and staff were phenomenal. I began my post graduate career with Marriot International. Based on the skills that I had learned at the school and with the work ethic that I had prior (and was reinforced at the school) I became the Garde Manger Chef at Marriot Horseshoe Bay.

I then switched careers over to Whole Foods where I have held many positions in my 5 year tenure. My current position is Regional Recipe Specialist. I have taken the many skills that I learned at LCBNA Austin and parlayed them into a very successful career.

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