Robert Vestal, Colorado School of Trade in Aurora, Colorado

Robert Vestal’s life could have ended the day of his motorcycle accident. Robert was injured severely in the accident, losing use of his right arm and hand. He overcame this obstacle to graduate from the Colorado School of Trades in 2006. Located in Lakewood, Colorado, The Colorado School of Trades has been teaching the art of Gunsmithing since 1947. Our experienced instructors give hands-on training to insure that students fully understand the fashioning of and operations of firearms.

This fourteen month program is an in-depth study of all the intricate workings of gun machinery. The coursework goes beyond the Basic courses to cover Machine Shop, Stockmaking as well as Design and Function courses. Meeting the challenges that students like Robert present is just one of the ways they strive to meet their student’s educational goals. Robert overcame his disabilities and acquired the skills to become a successful Gunsmith. Today he can be visited at his very own Gunsmithing shop in Abingdon, Virginia where he and a fellow program graduate opened their own shop.

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