Shannon Mezger-Strickland

My name is Shannon Mezger-Strickland and I came for the Massage Therapy degree and graduated with my associates in Applied Healthcare Science. I work at Bonjour Day Spa in Winter Park, Florida and I’m a licensed massage therapist. I chose to attend Herzing College primarily for the location. Their programs also fit in with my schedule, with two small children, and having to be home at a certain time. I chose the massage therapy program. The reason that I chose the program is because I’ve always wanted to be a massage therapist.” “What I liked most about my experience was definitely my teacher, Donna. She gave more than I could have ever imagined—and her efforts went beyond the scope of the program. And since I’ve been in the field I have seen what a blessing she has been. Really and truly, the way the instructor prepared us in all aspects. She brought in more spirituality and instructions into the classroom than any of my past instructors have. That’s a beautiful thing. You just don’t get this type of attention often, so when you do, you never forget it. Really and truly, but it’s awesome.

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