Shawn, Neumont University in South Jordan, Utah

Shawn is from El Dorado, Kansas. He graduated from Draughon’s Junior College and Wichita State but had been unable to really launch his career. Instead, he had been working a number of dead end jobs to make ends meet. He was married with children and for years had been thinking about how he could improve his employment situation, while still supporting his family. Pursuing another traditional four- or five-year Bachelor’s degree didn’t seem like a feasible solution. He learned about Neumont University Online in August of 2004 and read about Neumont’s amazing industry partnerships and professionally-focused approach, and felt it was a perfect opportunity for him.

Shawn had not yet been accepted to Neumont, but knew that he was willing to work hard, and commit to convincing the acceptance committee that this was the right place for him. He met with the acceptance committee, explained his passions and commitment and the acceptance committee decided to give him a chance. Shawn sold his home and packed up his family van and drove to South Jordan, Utah and began attending classes in January of 2005. Shawn and his family lived in their van in the back of the Neumont University parking lot for several weeks after arriving in Utah while they looked for housing options. And, although his wife thought he was nuts, she supported him nonetheless.

Shawn landed a position with iCentris after graduation and is one of the great stories of a Neumont education truly changing the life of generations; improving not only Shawn’s career options but also setting an example for his children of pursuing higher education as a path to greater earning potential and career satisfaction.

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