Travis Runnels, Cortiva Institute in Seattle, Washington

A career in the military may seem a far cry from one in professional massage therapy, but for Travis Runnels, a recent graduate of Cortiva Institute – Seattle School of Massage Therapy, it’s not such a big leap.

"To be a good massage therapist, you have to be disciplined and have a very good work ethic in order to do the best job possible and that’s something I learned in my years in the Army," Runnels said.

A resident of Palo Alto, California, Runnels was stationed for a time in Germany and Iraq and worked as a Section Supervisor and Bradley Team Leader during his military service. Following his military service, Runnels worked in the high tech industry and most recently as a contractor with Microsoft.

Since graduating from Cortiva, Runnels was able to secure massage therapy work at the high end Palo Alto Four Seasons and has already seen repeat clients. In addition to gaining professional work experience, Runnels has also volunteered his time as a Team Massage Therapist for Seattle University’s men’s soccer team, offering recovery massage during in-season training.

"I’m totally enjoying what I’m doing and see the time and investment I made in attending massage therapy school well worth the effort. I’m looking forward to expanding my client base and continuing to learn and grow in my field," Runnels said.

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