The Counter-Offer: Do You Have Integrity?

The Counter-Offer: Do you have integrity after you give your word to a client you will accept their offer, and then take a counter-offer?

Our firm deals with helping people move forward in their careers every day.  In return for the work we do, we ask anyone we represent for a few professional courtesies that are quite nominal.  Should an offer from a client appear to be near, there is a very simple dialogue we like to engage in.  It usually sounds like we’re getting near the end of this process, along with thinking about what it’s going to take to get you on board, you should be preparing for your present company to approach you with a counter-offer.  At this point, I always ask "What do you think of people that take a counter-offer after they have verbally committed to an offer or even signed an offer letter further committing to accepting a position?"

John Assunto


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