The Goal of Retention

If Retention becomes a passion at your school everyone on staff might just do things a little differently. And sometimes doing things just a bit differently can make a very big impact. So you might start by making Retention the goal of every employee on campus.  First get everyone to buy into the benefits of Retention. Keep it simple. There’s the altruistic benefit – students get to change their lives. There’s the realistic benefit – employees get to keep their jobs because there’s a healthy cash flow. At a meeting ask each person to tell what they WILL do every day to ensure students are successful and satisfied. You’ll be amazed the ideas that are shared. The ideas don’t have to be fancy or complicated or cost anything. If every employee committed to one retention-oriented action a day the number of students at graduation WILL increase. Try it. Measure results. This will work if Retention becomes at passion at your school.  How can you put passion and focus on Retention at your school?

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