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Divining Our Future Candidates Barack Obama and John McCain have said little about how career colleges might fare under a new pr

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There’s the popular image of a fortune-teller peering into a crystal ball to divine the future. That method might be as good as any in predicting what a President McCain or a President Obama might mean for career colleges.

In their published comments, neither candidate has mentioned career schools. Even the comments the candidates have made …

Gas Prices Fueling Online Education

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As the price of gas increases, enrollment in online classes around the country increases as well. Is this a cause-and-effect paradigm or just simply a coincidence?

From New Mexico to North Carolina and Pennsylvania to Florida, the summer sessions for online courses have increased dramatically from previous years. In the article $4-a-Gallon Gas Drives More Students …

Endless Education

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He’s a literal force to be reckoned with, a force that simultaneously maneuvers between talking to judges, corporate CEOs and his kids during his interview with Career College Central. And, he’s a curly haired force that apparently loathes long pants.

The anti-pant Clifford does, however, wear many hats (and even more pairs of glasses) as the …

Avoiding the Cutoff

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Nationwide credit crunch creates added challenges for 90-10 funding

Not a day goes by that Brian Stewart isn’t getting an update from his financial aid office on his school’s 90-10 status. It’s the ratio of how much tuition comes from federal funding versus private funding or cash. These days, it’s constantly changing on the three small …

Saving Grace

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After abusive marriages and a 28-year quest to earn a degree, Brown Mackie College graduate Ramona Newsom has found new life in a small Kansas town.
Once the sun broke through the buttery lace curtains, the senior citizens at the Dignity Care Home sat on the front porch discussing how the storm came up. The subject of the weather replaced the normal conversation, when they usually curse the
parents of senseless children who ride bicycles too close to the nearby thoroughfare.

All Eyes on Miller

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With nearly a year under his belt at the helm of the Career College Association, Harris Miller is knee deep in tough issues, including an image overall for proprietary schools
After 11 months on the job, there’s still resolve in Harris Miller’s voice when discussing his role as CEO and President of the Career College Association (CCA). His mission in leading the national membership organization for institutions offering career-specific education hasn’t changed since day one, nor has his apparent fortitude.

Default Management and its Growing Importance

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Why institutions of higher education should manage cohort default rates
When the Higher Education Act was initially brought to the table in 1965, it focused on two objectives: strengthening the resources available to institutions of higher education and providing financial support to students in postsecondary education. Many changes have been made to the HEA since its first incarnation just before the days of sit-ins and flower power. Of those, few have sparked controversy like the recent Cohort Default Rate Amendment.

Pumped-up Curricula

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In the last issue of Career College Central, we covered the hottest "new" programs that we anticipate will help grow and separate schools from their competition in the next decade. One of these programs, personal training, is just beginning to find its way onto the menu of offerings at schools throughout the country.
"The statistics speak for themselves," said Heather Machado, Director of Education at SBBCollege, who helped implement the Professional Fitness Institute program into schools in 2007. "There is no doubt that fitness trainers are in high demand, and this sector of higher education is best suited to meet that demand."
The timing

25 Most Influential People in the Career College Sector

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Robert L. Martin
President, Imagine America Foundation
What’s made you proudest about your involvement in the sector?

Credit Crunch

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Subtle ridges were left behind ages ago in the high mountains of dirt along Interstate 29 as it passes northbound along the Nebraska-Iowa border. The places where enormous glaciers slipped through are now farmland where cattle stand in the early spring rain, despondently, making good scenery for deathly bored children watching from backseats.
While it might not be an exciting ride for kids, it’s an open road for drivers. Curves in the interstate become more gradual, and the land levels out. More hills border the far edges of the fields, like enormous dinosaur-backed bookends, and in more than one spot along the raw prairie, chestnut trees grow up through abandoned grain silos.

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