Will Anyone Miss James Kvaal? Uncertainties in Politics

james kvaal

One of the major drawbacks of a career in politics is the instability it brings. One day, you may be enthusiastically elected into office by the public, and the next, you could find yourself unemployed as a new regime takes over with a different direction. This instability can occur even before the end of your term, especially if you align yourself with a particular regime.

One such example is Deputy Undersecretary James Kvaal, who recently announced his departure from the Department of Education to assist President Obama in his reelection campaign.

Kvaal, a Stanford graduate, had earned political points through his work as an education advisor to President Clinton and his commitment to carrying out the administration’s stance against career colleges and for-profit institutions.

James Kvaal

Kvaal’s appointment by the Obama administration came as a replacement for Robert Shireman, who was known for his favorable reputation among student and consumer groups but was viewed negatively by lenders and the for-profit sector. The anticipation of Kvaal’s strict approach towards career colleges led to a rise in share prices for some of these institutions upon Shireman’s departure.

However, Kvaal’s impact during his tenure at the Department of Education was questioned, with little to no significant accomplishments attributed to him. As he leaves, the DOE is well-equipped with other executives ready to take over his role and continue implementing the administration’s policies.

Kvaal’s decision to leave the DOE for the campaign trail raises questions about the influence he might bring to President Obama’s reelection bid. While some may view his movement within the administration as seamless, others question the extent of his impact on policy decisions.

Personal observations of Kvaal during public hearings and conferences suggest that his presence lacked significant impact, leaving an impression of being vague and non-committal in his statements. As he departs from his position, the for-profit education stocks already affected by market conditions reflect the perception of his limited influence.

Overall, Kvaal’s departure prompts speculation about the legacy he leaves behind and the true extent of his influence on policy decisions during his time at the Department of Education.