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Mogul 101

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According to a recent article, Donald Trump has an empire worth an astounding $3 billion. (The Donald, of course, has disputed this fact saying, "I’m worth $7 billion.")
Four billion dollars notwithstanding, Donald Trump has continued his quest for world domination by venturing into the world of education. Yes, you read right. Donald Trump’s aptly named Trump University has been open since 2005. Surprised? Most people in the career college industry are relatively unaware there’s a new player in town.

The Sector that Never Sleeps

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Everyone involved in the career college sector of higher education knows that to stay relevant in today’s market you’ve got to be tuned in at all times. You’ve got to be up on the latest trends, and you can’t let any opportunity pass you by. In an industry where staying alert is essential, it makes sense that career college professionals consistently name Las Vegas – the city that never sleeps – as their top destination choice for Career College Association (CCA) Annual Conventions.
In part due to popular demand, the 2008 CCA Convention & Exposition will be held in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino from June 25-27.

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