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Nevada AG Targets For-Profit Colleges

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(LAS VEGAS KXNT)–The Nevada Attorney General has joined 13 other state AG’s in supporting a proposed bill in Congress targeting the marketing and recruitment practices of for-profit colleges and universities.

The schools have been under fire for years from disgruntled students who say they have been mislead through school advertising and recruitment campaigns that inflate the …

Popular Stipend Stripped For Many U.S. Military Service Members

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John Harrison was halfway to a bachelor’s degree but financially strapped when Marine recruiters began calling him in 2007.

His wife, Amanda Harrison, recalls their pitches: “Hey, there’s all these different ways to finish your degree and you don’t have to go into a lot of debt to do it.”

That was perhaps true until last week, …

How Much Is That 4-Year Diploma Really Worth?

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Attention high school seniors and parents: If you’re picking a college, choose wisely. Or maybe rethink the traditional four-year college path all together.

Degree and college choice weigh heavily on a grad’s first paycheck, which often sets the pace for earnings potential throughout a career. However, a new report released Wednesday shows some two-year associate degrees …

Hagan Bill Limits Use Of Federal Money By For-Profit Colleges

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U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan is introducing a bill today that will prohibit for-profit colleges from using federal student aid dollars for marketing, advertising and recruitment. The Higher Education Act now prohibits that money from being used on lobbying, but allows it for this kind of promotion.

A summary of the bill from the NC Democratic senator's office says for-profit education companies spend a billions dollars from the taxpayer money they get from Pell grants and the GI Bill on promoting themselves instead of investing in education.

In 2014 Budgets, Republicans And Democrats Offer Competing Plans For Academe

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Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives unveiled on Tuesday a budget blueprint for the 2014 fiscal year that would tighten eligibility for federal student aid, freeze the maximum Pell Grant at $5,645 for the next decade, and consolidate federal job-training programs.

The plan, which aims to balance the federal budget in 10 years, is unlikely to survive in the Senate, where Democrats are poised to release a budget that would increase taxes and expand spending on education and research. Still, the dueling proposals are likely to frame the debate over government spending and revenue in the months to come.

Outsourcing Public Higher Ed

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A powerful California lawmaker wants public college students who are shut out of popular courses to attend low-cost online alternatives – including those offered by for-profit companies – and he plans to encourage the state’s public institutions to grant credit for those classes.

The proposal expected today from Darrell Steinberg, a Democrat and president pro tem of the state Senate, aims to create a “statewide system of faculty-approved, online college courses,” according to a written statement from Steinberg’s office. (A spokesman for Steinberg declined to discuss the bill.)

Coast Guard Cuts Tuition Assistance

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The Coast Guard is the latest service to cut tuition assistance while wrestling with incoming budget cuts.

Lt. Paul Rhynard, a Coast Guard spokesman, confirmed the service’s decision on Tuesday. It affects active duty, reserve and civilian members of the Coast Guard, all of whom were eligible for TA.

The Coast Guard has provided up to $4,500 …

Air Force Joins Army, Marines In Cutting Tuition Assistance

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The Air Force has joined the Marines and the Army in dropping tuition assistance due to sweeping federal budget cuts.

Word of the decision began reaching airmen in the Pacific on Tuesday morning. During a commander’s call at Yokota Air Base, 374th Airlift Wing commander Col. Mark August told airmen that applications for tuition assistance submitted after March 12 likely would be rejected by the Air Force.

“I suggest you call and see where your application’s at,” he said.

Because the Air Force is also strictly limiting TDY, professional education at the service’s Non-Commissioned Officer Academy and Squadron Officer School, would also be limited, he said.

Measuring The MOOC Dropout Rate

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Researchers are trying to understand why the vast majority of students fail to finish free online classes and who is signing up for the classes to begin with.

One widely quoted dropout figure for students in massive open online courses is 90 percent. The number would be staggeringly high for a traditional class and has been …

Army Suspends Tuition Assistance Program

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The Army’s popular Tuition Assistance program is being suspended because of the budget squeeze, although the many thousands of soldiers currently enrolled in courses will be allowed to complete those courses.

The shutdown will begin at 5 p.m. Eastern Standard Time today.

About 200,000 soldiers are currently using tuition assistance.

Soldiers will not be allowed to enroll in …

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