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Public Universities Face More Students, Less State Funding

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Although full-time enrollment in public colleges and universities is increasing, state and local support for these institutions has been slowly decreasing since the beginning of the recession, according to a new report by the association of State Higher Education Executive Officers (SHEEO).

Rise Of Customized Learning

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The credit hour is still higher education’s gold standard, even after President Obama’s vague endorsement last month of competency-based education and its focus on “performance and results” rather than seat time.

It’s unclear whether Obama’s call could help open the door for competency-based approaches by spurring changes to the current system of accreditation or the rules …

Students March On Capitol To Fight Against Rising Cost Of Education

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They want their voices heard. Thousands of people fed-up with the rising cost of education marched from Raley Field in West Sacramento to the State Capitol on Monday.

Teachers, students and others crowded along Capitol Avenue hoping get the attention of lawmakers and protect the future of higher education.

“Education is our future. If we have cutbacks, …

How The Student Loan Crisis Drags Down Home Prices

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Pity the college graduate, burdened with shocking levels of student-loan debt and looking for a job in the worst employment market in two decades.

But save a little pity for the rest of us.

The staggering amount of outstanding student debt — nearly $1 trillion owed – is beginning to impede the U.S. economy as a whole, …

Affirmative Action, Innovation And The Financial Future: A Survey Of Presidents

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With the U.S. Supreme Court poised to rule (again) on the constitutionality of considering race in college admissions, higher education leaders have been in virtual lockstep — through legal briefs filed by scores of groups and associations, newspaper op-eds by individual presidents, and the like — in asserting that curtailing affirmative action would hurt the …

Community College Grads Out-Earn Bachelor’s Degree Holders

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Berevan Omer graduated on a Friday in February with an associate's degree from Nashville State Community College and started work the following Monday as a computer-networking engineer at a local television station, making about $50,000 a year.

That's 15% higher than the average starting salary for graduates — not only from community colleges, but for bachelor's …

Are Employers To Blame For ‘Skills Gap?’

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With the economic recovery stuck in low gear, Tammy Krings has something of a happy problem for her growing, Columbus, Ohio-based global travel business, TS24.

Some 17 years after starting with out three employees, Krings is wrapping up a barnburner year. The company booked so much new business in 2012, she's had to hire 60 new employees — up from a staff of 120 in January.

Faced with that kind of rapid growth, Krings says she ran smack into one of the biggest hurdles cited by many employers today: the so-called "skills gap."

"My frustration is you keep hearing about these unemployment numbers, but we have a very, very difficult time finding qualified people," she said.

Young Immigrants Want ‘Dream Warrior’ Army

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The movement of young immigrants in the country without legal papers, who call themselves Dreamers, is held together by more than a commitment to push Congress for a pathway to citizenship.

More than 600 leaders of United We Dream, the largest national network of those young people, came together for their congress here last weekend to celebrate and reinforce a common culture, based on their experience living with hidden identities and with a low-grade but constant fear of deportation.

More Cracks In The Credit Hour

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The foundation that created the credit hour in 1906 now wants to rethink it, with a shift that might help competency-based higher education.

The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching on Tuesday announced that it would use a $460,000 grant from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation to study the Carnegie Unit, which forms the …

Providers Of Free MOOC’s Now Charge Employers For Access To Student Data

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Providers of free online courses are officially in the headhunting business, bringing in revenue by selling to employers information about high-performing students who might be a good fit for open jobs.

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