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Sergeant Lisa Crutch, Wounded Warrior Project Alumna

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Sergeant Lisa Crutch, Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) alumna, told me, “I would love to stand some place, perhaps a street corner, anywhere many people are walking by, and thank the people who have supported WWP. I would shake all their hands because WWP has made a world of difference in my life."

You are about to …

The Reality of Green

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In exploring the uncharted territory of training people for green jobs, community colleges are a modern-day Lewis and Clark.

But career colleges – the potential settlers of this brave new world – are waiting in the wings, ready to stake a claim if green jobs prove sustainable.

With billions of dollars in economic stimulus funding already in …

Top Innovators

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Too bad this is the first time these faces have appeared together. In compiling interview responses and photos from the career college sector’s most innovative executives, it was tough for our editorial staff not to imagine what might happen if these leaders all sat down together in one room with an issue is solved … …

Conference Preview: 2009 Career College Association Convention & Exposition

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The Magic of Hire Education

Across from the entrance to Disney World and the spires of the Magic Kingdom, career college executives will gather to discuss almost storybook growth. In the failing economy, career colleges have posted enormous growth that should lift spirits as high as the rollercoaster turns at Walt Disney’s Florida dream park during …

School of Thought

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Kaplan’s ‘Talent Campaign’ Introduces a Different Kind Of University

Innovative? Yeah, you could call it that. Or maybe trendsetting … what you’ve always wanted to advertise, but held back for some reason. Call it what you want, but Kaplan University’s new advertising campaign – the “Talent Campaign” – debuted Jan. 6 and its uses imagery and …

Economic stimulus offers relief to career college students

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Career colleges report healthy enrollment gains, while community colleges struggle with increased enrollments and declining revenues

The stimulus package designed to relieve the country’s economic woes would bring more relief to students than to the career colleges that educate them, observers agree.
If anything, educators say, the recession has helped proprietary schools by delivering …

Get To Know DAVE!

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The DAVE School is virtually leading the way when it comes to training top-notch animators and designers

Career colleges come in all shapes and sizes. Many are tucked alongside hectic strip malls or in busy urban arenas. And then there’s the DAVE School in Orlando, which is nestled in the back lot of Universal Studios Florida. …

VETO! California’s bill for regulating career colleges gets shot down, Governator-style

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California’s bill for regulating career colleges gets shot down, Governator-style

Flexing muscle is nothing new for Arnold Schwarzenegger
– not in films and not in the halls of
state government. Last month, California’s Governor
squashed what he and career college proponents
throughout the state thought to be an ineffectual
bill for regulating private postsecondary schools.

Schwarzenegger let …

Not Your Grandpa’s GI Bill

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Not Your Grandpa’s GI Bill

What the newest generation of the GI Bill is doing to help student veterans

The next generation of the GI Bill is here. Officially it is called the Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008. It’s designed to offer today’s veterans the same educational opportunities afforded to veterans after World War II, …

10 Significant Moments in Career College History

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For better or worse, the career college sector was founded by entrepreneurs, and thatentrepreneurial flame still burns

Thin white lines left from jet engines mark the flight patterns above Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Departing planes rattle the rock gardens and the palm trees in the circle drives of airportarea hotels, and the shrill liftoffs are audible …

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