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92% Of U.S. Adults Fear Something About Job Interviews, Survey Finds

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Career College Central summary:

For an overwhelming majority of Americans, the job interview is a dreaded, stressful ordeal as 9 in 10 employed adults said they fear something about the experience, according to data released in the 2013 Job Interview Anxiety Survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Everest College.

The telephone survey of 1,002 employed …

Expecting More From Higher Education

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Many say the higher education systems in the U.S. today are broken — producing far too many graduates who cannot compete in the new job market. Consider the following statistics: about 1.5 million or 53.6 percent of bachelor's degree-holders under the age of 25 last year were either jobless or underemployed. And of those who were actually employed, about 48 percent were in jobs that required less than a four-year college education, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Five Tips For The Recent Grad’s Job Search

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Career College Central's Summary:

For college graduates seeking their first full-time jobs out of school, the current economy is causing unique challenges. Unemployment and underemployment for college grads have both risen since the beginning of the recession, with unemployment up 3.1 percent and underemployment up 8.4 percent.


Rack up some experience.

Try to make a strong start.

Work your way up. 

Don't act as though you're entitled to a job.

Don't stay in school too long. 

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Senate Kills Two Student Loan Proposals

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Interest rates on new student loans are likely headed higher after senators on Thursday failed to advance proposals to keep them from doubling come July 1.

Dueling measures in the Senate would have kept interest rates on some student loans from moving from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent, although separate Republican and Democratic proposals each failed …

Technology, Instruction And The 21st Century Classroom

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Classrooms in the 21st century are undergoing a rapid transformation into new learning environments that are highly flexible, configurable and collaborative. Large lecture halls with sloped floors and fixed seats and classrooms with immovable podiums and tablet-arm chairs are going the way of the mimeograph as colleges and universities redesign learning spaces to accommodate new …

Conn. Would Waive Student Loans in ‘Green’ Jobs

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Paul Goulet hopes Connecticut will help him get from under nearly $8,000 he’s borrowed for college after losing his job in a paper manufacturing plant.

Goulet, 55, is a student in environmental studies at Goodwin College in East Hartford, aiming to find work in wastewater treatment. State legislation that would waive thousands of dollars in loans …

Incorporating Individual Development Plans in Performance Management

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Performance Management is a systematic approach to improving productivity in the workplace based on observable and measurable results. For example, in a manufacturing facility results would be based upon the amount of production of a particular product with a certain level of quality in a specified period of time.

In the career education setting, positive student …

The Importance of Learning Environment in Employee Training

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Employees learn better in a non-intimidating environment where they don’t feel like they are being picked on.

Here is a common situation. Many career college operators provide ongoing training for their admissions staff. When a director of admissions or a corporate VP of admissions provides the training, the effectiveness of the training may be seriously compromised. …