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Federal Student Loans Weather Fnancial Crisis

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The nation’s financial meltdown has played out from Wall Street to the halls of Congress.

But financial aid experts say college campuses — or at least the federal student loans that help pay tuition there — should remain safe through the 2009-10 school year.

Private student loans, on the other hand, have been getting harder to find …

Recent College Grads Say Loans Driving Careers

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Money can buy happiness, at least when you are a college student looking for your first job, according to a recent survey.

Some 50 percent of college students say they would be more likely to accept a job that offers higher pay but less career satisfaction in order to pay off their student loans, according …

Efforts to Insulate Federal Student Loans From Credit Crisis Successful in California

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As financial aid officials, students, families and lenders continue to experience the peak period for higher education enrollment, the combined efforts of policymakers, schools, and lenders appear to have averted what could have become a devastating college access crisis for California students.

During the past year, over 100 lenders exited the Federal Family Education Loan …

Congress Acts to Safeguard Student Loans

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Congress has approved through the 2010 academic year a program that will allow college students who rely on loans to continue their educations regardless of current difficulties in the private credit market.

The Senate passed the legislation on a voice vote Sept. 17. The bill authorizes the U.S. secretary of education to buy loans from lenders …

Student Loans Under Fire

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The outlook is bleak for those fresh-faced college kids trying to get ahead because many of them will not be able to get student loans this year.

Last-minute student loans are still available

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Students and parents have had to search harder, wait longer, pay more, and–in at least a few cases–post pleas for funding on the Web.

Despite credit crisis, most students have found loans

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The national credit crisis has caused confusion and some last-minute scrambling for college students and their parents, but most of them have been able to borrow the money they need to pay for school.