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WALL STREET JOURNAL: University of Phoenix’s Wings Get Clipped

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Career College Central Summary:

Executives at Apollo Education Group Inc. would love to live their marketing slogan: “I am a Phoenix.”

While the once-soaring for-profit education giant isn’t in ashes, its business has shriveled. For example, degreed enrollment was most recently 227,400 students. While that is far more than at the largest traditional U.S. university, it is …

Institute of Technology Student Success Story: Edia Camara

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Edia Camara, in her own words:

My name is Edia Camara and I am an Institute of Technology graduate of 2013.

Ever since I graduated from high school I wanted to continue my education. But obstacles kept coming my way. I attended college for 2 semesters before I got pregnant. I made the decision to quit school …

Textbook Transparency And Pricing

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Students have greater access to textbook pricing information thanks to recent federal requirements, a new study shows. But it's not clear yet what if any effect the changes mandated by the Higher Education Opportunity Act are having on textbook prices, which have continued to rise at an average of 6 percent per year, based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Is College Credit In Exchange For Life Experience A Fair Trade?

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What if your years of managing a Burger King in high school counted toward credit for a business degree in human resources? What if babysitting helped you get a certificate in early childhood education? The life experience for college credit deal has long been associated with scammy online pop-up offers (Get a PhD based on …