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Keep pressure on diploma mills

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Technological advances have brought changes to education, many of them beneficial. It is possible to obtain legitimate college-level instruction and do legitimate college-level coursework outside of the conventional classroom. There are reputable educational institutions that specialize in this approach and are accredited in it.

But there also are many shady operations that are schools in name …

Latest in education’s fight against cheating – proctoring exams with Web cams

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The number of college students taking courses online is surging, creating a tough dilemma for educators who want to prevent cheating.

Senate Higher Ed Bill Emerges (Slowly)

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The panel that advises the secretary of education on accreditation issues has grown increasingly controversial in recent months, as many college and accrediting officials have accused the Education De

Apollo Signs Employment Agreement With CFO Joseph D’Amico, Effective June 15 – Update

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Before the bell Tuesday, Phoenix, Arizona-based education provider Apollo Group, Inc.