Keiser Career College Becomes Southeastern College Serving Florida And Southeastern United States

Fort Lauderdale, FL—Apr. 30—Keiser Career College (KCC), founded approximately 25 years ago, officially becomes Southeastern College effective on May 1 announced the Chairman of the Board, Dr. Arthur Keiser.  Keiser Career College has six campuses in Florida including New Port Richey, Greenacres, Miami Lakes, North Tampa, Jacksonville (located at 6700 Southpoint Parkway) and St. Petersburg currently serving approximately 1, 500 students and nearly 7,000 graduates over the last two decades.  The new Southeastern College is also affiliated with the Southeastern Institute campuses located in North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. 

“The transition from KCC to Southeastern College reflects the elevation of the college from a predominantly Florida-serving institution to a more regionally-serving, Southeastern United States institution,” said Keiser.  “We are excited by this development which will bring additional opportunities to help more students achieve the education necessary to seek employment in the information technology and healthcare industries,” he added.

The college’s mission and core values remain constant yet Southeastern College will research new degree offerings, while maintaining its students-first philosophy, focus on career-relevant training and placement, and meeting employer demands.

“Primarily, this transition signifies progress and an ongoing commitment to responsiveness and adaptability regarding employer demands and student needs in evolving local and regional economies throughout the Southeastern U.S.,” said Keiser.  Secondarily, as Keiser University has served the students and the state of Florida for over 35 years and Keiser Career College, for greater than two decades, this change provides better clarity between the separate institutions. Each continues its mission, service to students and employers and varied program and degree offerings.  As KCC evolves into Southeastern College, its service expands regionally throughout the Southeastern United States.

Keiser Career College, founded in 1988, is an associate degree-granting postsecondary college providing relevant career education and professional development to aspiring students pursuing a career or advancement in their chosen field.  The college is nationally accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges, licensed by the Commission for Independent Education (CIE), Department of Education and voluntarily holds additional programmatic accreditations.

Southeastern College (formerly Keiser Career College) offers programs in Computer Networking with Emerging Technologies; Diagnostic Medical Sonography; (EMT-B)-Paramedic; Emergency Medical Services; Human Resource Administration; Massage Therapy; Professional Clinical Massage Therapy; Medical Assisting; Medical Billing and Coding; Paramedical Aesthetician; Pharmacy Technology; Practical Nurse; Professional Nurse; RN Bridge Program; Surgical Technology (Largest programs are the RN Bridge Program, Practical Nursing and Surgical Technology).

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